You Can Get Free Access to 300 Online Photography Courses from Sue Bryce This Week Only

If you’ve already burned through Nikon’s full Nikon School Online curriculum (free all of this month) and you’re eager to learn more, you’re in luck. Sue Bryce Education have made their entire library of courses free for one week only, from April 20th – 26th.

As with the Nikon deal, you’ll need to join Sue’s mailing list for access. Unlike Nikon’s offer, there are a lot more classes on offer, and they dive much deeper on the art and business of photography since they’re not brand-specific. From Posing and Lighting classes, to Business and Marketing advice, to Retouching and Styling, there are 300 courses and over 460 hours worth of educational videos available to you for free for the next seven days.

Of course, 460 hours is definitely more than you can get through in 7 days, but you can choose to tailor your week around the topics and areas where you feel you could use the most help. And if you’re still not sure where to start, the email you receive after signing up lists some of Bryce’s most popular classes so you can get going right away:

To learn more or give this a go for yourself, head over to the Sue Bryce education website by clicking here. Free access ends Sunday, April 26th at midnight Eastern time, so you’ll want to jump on this right away.

(via Fstoppers)

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