Wildlife Camera Trap Captures Man Striking a Pose

Conservation photographer and wildlife tracker Jeff Wirth was reviewing the photos on a camera trap he had set up when he was surprised with this unexpected shot: an unknown man who had spotted the camera and decided to strike a pose.

“I had noticed that there was bobcat scat on this log, so I set up a DSLR camera trap on it in hopes of photographing the bobcat,” Wirth tells PetaPixel. “I got the bobcat, and a special visitor who was on an invasive plant survey crew.”

“Thankful to this unknown man for striking a pose and for not messing with my camera set up after he stumbled upon it,” Wirth writes on Reddit, where his photo of this stranger has racked up over 150,000 upvotes.

Here’s the bobcat that he successfully captured with the same camera:

You can find more of Wirth’s work on his website and Instagram.

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