This Guy Turned His Game Boy Camera Into a Functional Webcam

A couple of days ago a user on r/Gameboy asked the community if there was any way to turn his Game Boy Camera into a functioning webcam so that (in his words) “I can be an a** to people I don’t respect.” Well, someone came through and showed that it is actually possible to do this.

The whole thing started with user u/eye_for_an_homonculi on the r/Gameboy subreddit, who had a bit of a passive aggressive axe to grind. Earlier this week, he asked the subreddit if there was any way to use his Game Boy Camera as a webcam in order to “piss off” some people who had placed some ridiculous streaming rules onto a “professional development test” he had to take.

Irony aside, after putting the question out there, retro gamer and hardware modder Bernard Capulong came through. It is possible… although it’s not exactly simple.

You can see his setup here:

According to Capulong, Step 1 of this process is “don’t.”

If you choose to ignore Step 1, the rest of the setup includes combining all of the following:

  • A Game Boy Camera cartridge
  • A Super Game Boy 2 cartridge
  • An Analogue Super Nt or a Super Nintendo/Super Famicom with an upscaler like a Retrotink
  • A Capture Card
  • An External Microphone

Put all of these together, and you’ve turned your Game Boy Camera into a webcam that can be used with Streamlabs OBS or Zoom no problem. In fact, the video up top is a converted recording from a Zoom meeting.

Granted, in terms of image quality and effort-to-reward ratio, this is probably a step in the wrong direction… but you have to give the man points for ingenuity and style. And if you happen to run in some nerdy circles, this would earn you some serious street cred.

Watch the video sample up top to see how this mod turned out, and click here if you want to see lots more Game Boy Camera hackery.

(via Nintendo Life)

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