This Crop Factor Calculator Simulates Your Results, Including Speed Boosters

Filmmaker Daniel Scott Murphy has created an incredibly useful new crop factor calculator that goes beyond anything we’ve seen online thus far. Not only does it tell you the crop, it actually simulates the results, and can even handle setups that include speed boosters.

Murphy’s’s goal was to create the most useful and full-featured crop factor calculator on the Web. A calculator that can answer the question: “What is the crop with x camera, y lens, and z speed booster?” and then show you what the results will actually look like.

“Instead of guessing what a 1.89 crop would look like, this crop factor calculator includes a simulated window that allows us to visually compare the adapted format size to the crop,” explains Murphy. “Another great feature is that you can choose between a full-frame and super 35 formats.”

But while the preview window and the ability to choose a different base format are both useful, Murphy thinks the most useful feature is the ability to simulate the use of speed boosters.

“What is likely to be the most valuable feature of this calculator is the inclusion of speed booster selections,” he tells PetaPixel. “Innovations in speed booster technologies have made the choice to adapt to Full-Frame or Super 35 formats even more accurate and affordable.”

You can check out the calculator for yourself at this link, and check Daniel’s math in this Google spreadsheet. The calculator was obviously created with video shooters in mind, but whether you prefer video or stills, this is a great resource to add to your rainy day collection—could come in very handy.

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