These are the First Third-Party Drop-In Filters for Canon’s EF-RF Adapter

The filter maker Breakthrough Photography has just released the first third-party drop-in filters for Canon’s popular EF-RF adapter, greatly increasing the number of options available to Canon EOS R, RP, R5, and R6 shooters who want to keep using their EF glass.

One of the most exciting accessories to come out alongside the original Canon EOS R was the EF-RF lens adapter with a slot for a drop-in filter. However, users were limited to using it with Canon’s own circular polarizer or variable ND filter. Well, no more.

The company Breakthrough Photography has just released a wide range of ‘Breakthrough R’ drop-in filters designed for this adapter, including its own NDs, variable NDs, circular polarizers (CPL), black & white CPLs with various color filters, an infrared filter, a night sky filter, and more. There are 20 options in all, all of them weather sealed and color-coded so you can quickly identify them in your bag or on your camera:

And for its CPL filters, Breakthrough has installed a large adjustment wheel for “ultra-fine and smooth polarization adjustment.”

Here’s an overview of the entire lineup:

For performance fiends, Breakthrough claims that its X4 CPL filters outperform Canon’s (already impressive) drop-in CPL in terms of both light transmission and color-neutral performance.

They also claim that their drop-in ND filters are more color-neutral than front-mounted options from Singh-Ray, B+W, and Lee.

Finally, the company offers two different Variable ND filter options: the Regular and Dark VND-R, which cover everything from 2 stops to 16 stops, with only one stop of overlap between them. And, of course, they claim impressive color and transmission performance:

To learn more about the full line-up, head over to the Breakthrough Photography website. Prices for these drop-in filters range from about $80 for the most affordable options, to $200 for the X4 Dark CPL 10-stop. You can also purchase various kits at a discount.

Pre-orders are already live on the Breakthrough website, with shipping expected to start on September 25th.

(via Canon Rumors)

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