Testing Every New Feature Adobe Just Added to Photoshop and Lightroom

Earlier this week, Adobe released major updates for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Camera RAW, with new and improved features across the board. But if the announcement was a bit overwhelming, don’t worry: Colin Smith at PhotoshopCAFE has put together a demo of every new feature that Adobe just added to these products.

In the two videos below, Smith covers all of the most important new features and UI improvements that Adobe released for Photoshop, Camera RAW, and Lightroom Classic.

Starting with Photoshop, he covers the new Select Subject tool, improvements to the Fonts workflow, and gives you a tour of all the UI and usability improvements you’ll find in Camera RAW (which finally looks like it belongs in 2020), and the improvements to Pattens as well:

Then, he moves on to Lightroom Classic, which gets many of the same updates he showed off in Camera RAW. There’s the powerful new Local Hue tool that adds granular Hue adjustments to all of the Local Adjustment tools, the updated Tone Curve UI, and the ISO Adaptive Presets feature, which Colin covers in more detail in this video.

He also shows you the performance enhancements that impact how smooth the Lightroom experience is in both the Library and Develop panels.

If you want to see all of these new features in action, and dive a bit deeper into what each update actually means and how to use it, check out both demos above. And if you enjoy Colin’s tutorials, you can find a lot more useful Photoshop and Lightroom tips over on his YouTube Channel.

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