Talking about Tiberium: Our Command & Conquer remaster Q&A needs your questions

Enlarge / This probably won’t shape up like a battle between the GDI and Brotherhood of Nod, but if you want to suggest an ion cannon-caliber question, by all means, readers.

Aurich Lawson

The 25th anniversary of real-time strategy game Command & Conquer landed earlier this month with a nuclear-sized explosion of content. C&C Remastered Collection was pretty much everything we’d hoped for: faithful in mechanics, massive in scope, tasteful in redesign, and broken wide open for the community to mod and update.

But how exactly did the new collection’s developers, including a contingent of original Westwood Studios devs, bring two classic RTS games (C&C: Tiberian Dawn, C&C: Red Alert) back to life? What complications arose while rebuilding the originals, even before coronavirus altered the final months of development? How did the team’s solicitation of fan input change the project’s scope? And what is that wacky supreme leader Kane really like behind closed doors?

EA, the series’ handlers, has been kind enough to throw lead producer Jim Vessella into our own veritable Temple of Nod for a video Q&A tomorrow—Tuesday, June 16, at 1 pm ET—to be livestreamed right here on Ars Technica. I’ll begin the conversation with my own questions, based on my experience with the Remastered Collection, before shifting to hand-selected questions as chosen from the below comments section. Once the interview goes live, we’ll also keep an eye on Twitter users who reply to @arstechnica with interesting questions containing the hashtag #arslive.

And, yes, we want the devoted fans from Command & Conquer‘s bustling subreddit to come by with questions of their own, as well. The nitpickier, the better. Should you miss the livestreamed event, be sure to return here for a recorded archive. We’d love for you to watch it live, of course, but as a wise man once said: “The choice, my friend, is yours.”

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