Sony Just Added 6 Months to All PRO Support Memberships, Free of Charge

In a bid to help its out its professional community during this difficult time, Sony has announced that it will be automatically extending all PRO Support memberships for an additional 6 months, on the house.

The announcement was sent out via email to all Sony PRO Support members earlier today.

“As a PRO Support member, you are among our most loyal customers and we want you to know how much we value you being part of Sony’s Imaging family,” reads the message. “With the current global situation, we are taking steps to ensure we are supporting all of our customers during these difficult times. For all Pro Support members like yourself, we are automatically extending membership for an additional 6 months, free of charge.”

You don’t have to do anything to activate the extension. If you’re a PRO Support member (currently only available in the US or Canada), the extension has already been added to your account.

It’s a generous and welcome move from Sony, since PRO users are almost certainly not able to take advantage of their membership at this time—expedited repair turnaround time, camera maintenance, loaner gear and more aren’t much use if your contracts are on hold indefinitely. At least this way, your membership term isn’t going to expire unused.

Hopefully Nikon’s NPS and Canon’s CPS programs will follow Sony’s lead.

Image credits: Header photo by Alejandro Luengo, CC0

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