Play Chess with Camera Equipment at This Norwegian Camera Store

Stavanger Foto, a camera and photography shop in Stavanger, Norway, has set up photo equipment on a giant chessboard. The shop is using everything from flashes and teleconverters to giant super-telephotos to represent the different pieces.

Stavanger Foto offers everything from new and used camera equipment, to studio backdrops and lights, to an in-house photo print shop. The fun setup is very likely thanks to the sheer amount of equipment and space the shop has access to.

While the caption doesn’t directly translate to English particularly well, PetaPixel reader Anders Harbo – who also provided the tip to the cool setup – informed us that the caption is more than a description of the giant-sized game, but also full of numerous puns.

“A few words have a double meaning related to chess,” he says, though the double meanings are lost when translated. “For instance, ‘springer’ means both ‘runs’ as well as referring to the knight, and ‘matt’ means both something like ‘faint or ‘dull’ as well as ‘mate’ as in ‘checkmate’ and so on.”

Clearly, the Stavanger Foto team had fun with the display. If you’re in the area, check it out and get a game in. Perhaps we’ll see something like this implemented elsewhere, as it’s a cute idea that is sure to put a smile on many faces.

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