Photo of a Curious Hare Wins Nature Photographer of the Year 2020

The German Society for Nature Photography (GDT) has revealed the winners of this year’s GDT Nature Photographer of the Year: a stunning set of images of the natural world that range from wildlife photos, to landscapes, to “water,” which got a special category all its own this year.

The news was released on April 27th after the GDT completed their first ever online voting process.

The title of Overall winner and Nature Photographer of the Year was awarded to the winner of the Mammals category: photographer Peter Lindel from Dortmund, Germany. His photo of a European hare was captured close to home, making it that much more impactful for the judges, who are used to seeing wildlife photos from “international nature photography hot spots.”

“This photo A hare’s dream was taken in July of 2019 when months of searching a suitable location led me to a dirt road, which offered the most beautiful morning light, lovely vegetation and … three hares,” recalls Lindel. “Dreamy, curious, careful, anxious. These are the adjectives that I find describe the expression of ‘my hare’ best.”

Scroll down to see Lindel’s grand prize winning image alongside the winners of all six of this year’s categories.

Grand Prize and Mammals Category Winner

GNPY 2020, Peter Lindel, GDT

Photographer: Peter Lindel

Photo Title: A hare’s dream

Description: European hare in the north of Dortmund

Birds Category Winner

GNPY 2020, Flurin Leugger, GDT

Photographer: Flurin Leugger

Photo Title: Take-off

Description: Coyote panics geese

Other Animals Category Winner

GNPY 2020, Jens Cullmann, GDT

Photographer: Jens Cullmann

Photo Title: Danger in the mud

Description: Crocodile in a drying pool

Plants and Fungi Category Winner

GNPY 2020, Radomir Jakubowski, GDT

Photographer: Radomir Jakubowski

Photo Title: New life in a dead forest

Description: Dead forest, Bavaria

Landscapes Category Winner

GNPY 2020, Benjain Waldmann, GDT

Photographer: Benjain Waldmann

Photo Title: Magic light

Description: Tree in the mist at the Albtrauf

Nature’s Studio Category Winner

GNPY 2020, Jan Piecha, GDT

Photographer: Jan Piecha

Photo Title: Flooded with light

Description: Blackbird, North Hesse

Special Category Winner – Water

GNPY 2020, Britta Strack, GDT

Photographer: Britta Strack

Photo Title: The play of water

Description: Hraunfossar, Ísland

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Image credits: Photos credited individually, used courtesy of the German Society for Nature Photography (GDT)

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