NiSi Unveils 150mm ‘Explorer’ Filters that are 2x Stronger than Other Glass Filters

NiSi has just launched the 150mm Explorer Collection of square glass filters. This new lineup of ND and Graudated ND filters promises the same professional optical quality, but uses a special hardening process to deliver twice the durability of a typical glass filter.

The NiSi Explorer Collection actually launched back in 2019, but the news kind of flew under the radar and the first batch were only available in the 100mm size. This week, NiSi Optics USA is making a bigger push to share these filters with the world as they debut their 150mm Explorer Collection, which includes a 10 Stop ND1000, 6 Stop ND64, 3 Stop ND8, 3 Stop ND8 Medium Graduated ND and 2 Stop ND4 Reverse Graduated ND.

All of these filters are full compatible with NiSi’s current 150mm holders like the S5 and the Q system, but thanks to a “special glass hardening process,” the Explorer range claims to offer double the strength of typical glass filters, with “no visible loss of image quality” compared to NiSi’s other offerings. The filters are “built for adventure,” says NiSi.

But don’t take their word for it, here’s a quick introduction to the new 150mm Explorer Collection, complete with several drop tests at the very end. Try not to flinch… we dare you:

As you can see in this video from NiSi Australia and New Zealand, these filters can be dropped from about waist height:

This new range of neutral desnity filters is available starting today over on the NiSi Optics website. Every filter in the 150mm Explorer Collection will run you $200, while the 100mm variants released last year cost a more manageable $130.

To learn more or pick up your own, head over to the NiSi shop.

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