Nikon USA Reopens Repair Facilities for Mail-In Service

As states around the country begin the process of re-opening after COVID lockdown, Nikon USA has officially re-opened its service facilities. Service centers are still closed for walk-in service, but if your camera needs fixing, you can now send it in by mail.

The update was added to the Nikon USA service and repair website on June 12th, almost three months after the company shut down its service centers in response to the COVID pandemic.

“In compliance with local mandates, we are able to resume operations at our service facilities,” reads the notice. “Repair services are now available for mail-in customers at our repair facilities. Walk-in/counter services are not available at this time, pending the installation of measures to insure [sic] the safety of our customers and employees.”

The notice warns that turn-around times are still being impacted by the pandemic, but at least you now have an option for official Nikon repair. To learn more or read the notice for yourself, head over to the Nikon USA service and repair website at this link.

(via Nikon Rumors)

Image credits: Header photo by chuttersnap, CC0

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