New Video Shows Off the Powerful Landscape Editing Tools in Luminar AI

In their latest demo of the upcoming Luminar AI photo editor, Skylum takes aim at landscape photographers and shows them just how powerful Luminar’s machine learning-based tools really are. From Enhance AI for relighting and color grading, to Atmosphere AI for adding fog and other effects, there are some impressive automatic editing tools coming to your laptop very soon…

The short demo covers a lot of ground in just 63 seconds. Not only does it re-highlight the latest updates coming to Sky Replacement AI, Skylum shows off several new landscape editing tool that will be built into the AI editing program. That includes:

  • Composition AI – Automatically crop and straighten images with one click.
  • Enhance AI – Automatically detects uneven color and lighting and balances them for you.
  • Sky AI – Swap out the sky in your image and tweak the horizon blending, position, and scene relighting to taste.
  • Atmosphere AI – Add realistic atmospheric effects like fog.
  • Golden Hour Image Relighting – Tucked alongside options for Dehaze and Foliage Enhancer, this feature allows you to intelligently relight the scene to give it a golden hue.

With Adobe making a not-so-subtle grab for Luminar AI’s prospective audience with the release of Neural Filters in Photoshop, Skylum obviously wants to make it clear that they’re not going anywhere. Adobe may have more money and man power to throw at the problem, but Luminar’s creators are trying to make the most of their head start in the AI photo editing space.

(via 43 Rumors)

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