Lightroom Hack Unlocks All Fujifilm Film Simulations Regardless of Camera

Fujifilm cameras come pre-loaded with access to popular film simulations but unfortunately, all of the company’s simulations are not available to all of its cameras. But in this 10-minute video, Pal2tech reveals a hack to unlock them all, regardless of camera.

Depending on what Fujifilm camera you own, some film simulations might not be available to you. For example, those with an X-T4 have access to Bleach Bypass, but those with an X-T3 do not. These simulations are available in-camera as well as unlocked in Lightroom. But Lightroom can tell what camera images were shot on and will restrict available film simulations in kind:

Pal2tech says that while you can bypass this issue by editing a RAW file’s EXIF data before importing it, but that process is tedious and slow. Instead, he has found another way to make a setting change in Lightroom that will allow all film simulations to work, whether you’re using an XT-2, XT-3, or XT-4 RAW file.

Important note: This hack edits system files. You are fully responsible for any changes made to your computer or software. Additionally, this technique is only confirmed to work on Mac. Pal2tech has not yet fully tested this method on a PC.

Pal2tech explains the entire process starting at 3:06 in the video. He also explains how to undo what you’ve done should you change your mind or make a mistake.

Disclaimer: PetaPixel does not advocate this or any method of bypassing software or licensing agreements. Additionally, Pal2tech mentions you should not use this bypass for any client work, only for fun. It’s unclear what if any ramifications may arise from using this “hack.”

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