Joystick, Normal Mode Dial, No Touch Bar

The Canon leaks are coming hard and fast now that the official product launch is less than 48 hours away. Yesterday we got a peek at the various 8K modes of the EOS R5 and the new 600mm and 800mm f/11 lenses; today, we get our first leaked product photos of the more affordable EOS R6.

The photos first appeared on Nokishita last night, and as you can see, this is a big departure from the first EOS R. You won’t get a top-mounted LCD, a touch-bar, or the fancy (read: annoying) digital mode dial. Instead, you get a good old-fashioned joy stick, a regular mode dial, and a more robust rear selection wheel that’s reminiscent of Canon’s higher-end DSLRs.

Here’s a closer look at the leaked images compared to similar product photos of the current Canon EOS R:

As a reminder, the most recent reports claim that the Canon EOS R6 will feature a 20MP full-frame CMOS sensor, IBIS, 12fps mechanical/20fps electronic maximum shooting speed, dual SD card slots, oversampled 5K, 4K/60p and 1080/120p video recording, and an AF system identical to the more advanced EOS R5.

You can see a full list of the reliable leaked specs over on Canon Rumors.

The camera is expected to come in around $2,500, although that bit isn’t confirmed just yet. Not that you’ll have to wait long for confirmation; the Canon EOS R6 is expected to launch two days from on, during Canon’s “Virtual Product Launch” on July 9th at 8AM Eastern Time.

(via Canon Rumors)

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