Instagram Adds ‘Professional Dashboard’ for Creators

Instagram is rolling out a new Professional Dashboard that will act as a central destination to track the performance of posts and access “professional tools.”

Instagram says the new Professional Dashboard has three key features. First, it helps creators track performance by providing insights and trends based on an account’s performance. Second, Instagram claims the tools on offer will help creators grow their business. They can easily access tools you used to run their account more efficiently and also look at new tools they may not have known existed. They can also check monetization status and eligibility. Finally, Instagram says that the dashboard will help creators stay informed and how to make the most out of Instagram through curated educational resources.

If some of these features don’t sound new, it’s because they aren’t. Instagram admits that many of the features being folded into the Dashboard already existed across Instagram, but says that putting them together into one central location should make them easier to access as well as find the specific tools or resources that a creator or business is seeking for their particular use case.

Instagram says that the Professional Dashboard was made as a result of the success it has seen from other business-focused tools such as Badges, Instagram Shop, Checkout, and Branded Content tools.

“Since launch in November, over 82 million accounts have visited the Professional Resources hub and 37 million accounts have tapped on at least one item,” Instagram writes. “We have built on this momentum with the launch of the new Professional Dashboard, and will continue to make the experience better throughout 2021.”

The Professional Dashboard is available to all Business and Creator Accounts on Instagram and will begin rolling out to qualified accounts today.

(via Engadget)

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