How to Make a Portable DIY Camera Battery Charging Board

The filmmakers over at Threefold have created a DIY battery charging board with a very useful twist: it’s portable. And in the video above, they break down exactly how you can build your own version to suit your on-the-go creative needs.

This definitely isn’t the first DIY battery charging board we’ve featured on PetaPixel, but most of the builds we’ve seen in the past are meant to sit permanently in your home studio. The difference with Threefold’s board is that it was built to follow them along from shoot to shoot.

This is incredibly useful for video teams, of course, but could come in very handy for commercial photographers or anybody who travels from set to set shooting for a variety of clients. This DIY board can come with you from home studio, to hotel, to the set, and back without being prohibitively cumbersome.

What they came up with is a battery charging board that is mountable using two quick-release plates, and powered by an Anker 10-port USB power supply. On the front, they used gorilla tape to mount a grid pattern of USB-powered battery chargers that cover all of their various charging needs: from brand-specific camera and lighting batteries, to AAs.

The result is a clean and elegant charging solution that allows the Threefold team to stay powered up on the road. It even mounts inside their grip truck (formerly an ambulance).

Check out the full video up top for a detailed breakdown of this portable charging board, and click here to access a full list of the parts you’ll need to put one together yourself. As we said, this isn’t the first DIY battery charging board we’ve featured, but it’s certainly one of the cleanest and most portable implementations we’ve seen so far.

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