How to Build a Wall-Mounted Battery Charging Station on the Cheap

Photographer and YouTuber Duncan Dimanche has posted a quick tutorial that’ll show you how to create your own DIY wall charging station on the cheap. Depending on your needs this setup can cost as little as $60, and the results look almost as good and functional as some of the more serious builds we’ve featured.

If you’re a pro and you want to do this for your studio, you may want to put in the extra time to build something a bit more full-featured like this custom charging board we featured in February. However, if you’re looking for something “quick-and-dirty” that will get the job done without forcing you to get the tools out or spend a lot of money, Dimanche’s idea has merit.

His board is made up of a $17 Skadis pegboard from IKEA, various containers and hooks also from IKEA, and this $40 10-port Anker USB charger. Additional cost would come from picking up USB-based chargers for all of your batteries; sometimes these come with additional batteries, so you can kill two birds with one stone, but that’s the “catch” here if there is one.

From there, the build is pretty simple: just attach the USB power bank to the back of the board, attach the board to the wall, and use hot glue to attach your chargers to the front of the board. Dimanche’s version looks like this:

Despite the video’s title, it doesn’t look like you can hit that “$35” mark, but it won’t cost you much more than this assuming you have all of the chargers you need hanging around. From there, it’s just a matter of planning out your layout, threading all of the cables through, and finding a good place to mount your new charging board: no more power strips filled with batteries on the floor.

As a bonus, Dimanche actually included several extra USB-C, MicroUSB and a lightning cable so he could charge his lights, RODE wireless mic, headphones, iPhone, and more in addition to his camera batteries—turning this from a camera battery board into an all-purpose charging station.

Check out the full video up top to get the full tour of Dimanche’s DIY wall-mounted charging station, and if you want to see a few other implementations of this same idea, head into the PetaPixel archives.

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