How Does Godox Stack Up?

LA wedding photographer and educator Michael Anthony has released a detailed side-by-side comparison of the recently announced Godox AD300 Pro (Flashpoint XPLOR 300 Pro) and the much more expensive Profoto B10. The two lights share similar power output and a similar footprint, but vastly different price points. Is the Profoto simply overpriced, or does the Godox fall short?

These are the questions that Anthony seeks to answer in the video above, comparing these two lights in a variety of categories and tests, including:

  • Power output with and without a modifier attached
  • Light spread
  • Modeling lamp/continuous light
  • Build quality
  • Battery life
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Reliability

Anthony does his best to outline the pros and cons of these two lights, explaining where the Godox doesn’t quite stack up in reality (as opposed to the advertised specs). His opinion, ultimately, is that these are two different lights for two different users.

“I know that Godox vs Profoto is a controversial subject in our industry, [and] I want you all to know that they are both really solid tools,” says Anthony. “If you’re a Profoto user or your’e thinking of diving into the Profoto system, you’re not gonna be disappointing with the B10. If you’re a Godox person, this is a really solid product that they put out: it’s unique in the Godox ecosystem because it does things they haven’t done before, like an integrated modeling lamp.”

For ease-of-use and reliability for professional work, he still recommends Profoto. His own experience with Godox has been spotty at times, which makes the brand harder to trust. If you’re just starting out, that argument isn’t going to convince you to spend $1,700 on the B10 vs $500 on the Godox; but if you’re a seasoned pro who can’t afford to miss a single shot… well… it just might.

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