Fuji X100V Update Lets You Push the Camera to Higher Temps Before it Overheats

Fujifilm has released an interesting update for the fixed-lens X100V. After users complained that the new camera was unexpectedly shutting off due to overheating issues, the company has added an “Auto Power Off Temp” option in the menu that actually lets you set the temperature level at which your camera will overheat and turn off.

Obviously a firmware update can’t fix the camera’s thermals. The laws of physics can’t be cheated, and this diminutive camera body was clearly not designed to shoot long 4K video clips. But the update does, at least, turn this weakness into a known entity in the settings, which you can partially control.

Available as a free firmware update (version 1.10) the update adds an “AUTO POWER OFF TEMP” option in the “POWER MANAGEMENT” menu. The feature is described thusly in the newly updated user manual:

If its temperature rises beyond a certain point, the camera will first display a message and then, if the temperature rise continues, automatically end shooting and power down. [Auto Power Off Temp allows you to] choose the temperature at which the camera turns off automatically.

There are two settings available: Standard and High.

In “Standard” mode, the camera will automatically turn off once it reaches an un-disclosed “standard” temperature limit, before the it becomes dangerous to hold or operate. In “High” mode, the camera can continue shooting at even higher temperatures that “could result in low-temperature burns” if you’re holding it in your hands. As such, Fuji warns that the High option “should only be used after mounting the camera on a tripod or taking other steps to avoid prolonged contact with the camera.”

To learn more about this new feature or download and install the firmware update on your Fujifilm X100V, head over to the Fuji support website here.

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