Director Straps Himself to the Hood of a Car to Film ‘One-Take’ Chase Scene

Director Sam Hargrave will do whatever it takes to get the shot. Case in point: while filming the new Netflix movie Extraction, Hargrave strapped himself to the hood of a car for the duration of a crazy “one-take” car chase.

Most sequences like this would be shot using an automotive camera crane like the one you see here, but this sequence of long takes—which were stitched together to look like a single 12-minute shot—required several “hand-offs” that would have been impossible if the camera was locked onto a crane. Which is how Hargrave wound up strapped to the hood of a car.

“Sam was on the hood of a chase car, following me, and as that car pulled up alongside us, he unclipped himself and handed the camera through the window into the car that we were driving, to another camera man and we took off,” explains Hemsworth in a recent Instagram Live. “It was a series of hand-offs, which was one of the most technically challenging things I’ve ever been a part of.”

You can watch the section that Hemsworth is describing in the clip below:

The movie is out now, so you can see the full 12-minute pseudo “oner” for yourself on Netflix. And if this has you itching to watch more masterful one-take filmmaking, there are a few music videos, a short film and at least one commercial in the PetaPixel archives that you should definitely check out.

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