Datacolor Launches Special ‘Photo Kit’ Bundle for Color Calibration

Earlier this week, Datacolor packaged three of it most popular image and monitor calibration tools into a new bundle for photographers called the SpyderX Photo Kit, and they’ll be offering it at a steep discount “while supplies last.”

The new Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit joins the SpyderX Studio and SpyderX Capture Pro kits, and it’s more-or-less just the Capture Pro kit minus the lens calibration tool. The kit includes: a SpyderX Elite for calibrating your monitor, a Spyder Checkr 24 for calibrating your camera, and the company’s so-called Spyder Cube, which is like a more versatile gray card in the shape of a cube.

The kit will sell for $400 at MSRP—which is, oddly, $20 more expensive than buying each of these items individually—but in honor of Datacolor’s 50th birthday, they’re debuting the SpyderX Photo Kit at an introductory price of just $200 “while supplies last.” That’s actually a good deal, and worth taking advantage of if you’re in need of some color calibration tools. The SpyderX Elite alone usually costs $270.

To learn more about the kit, or if you want to take advantage of the intro pricing, head over to the Datacolor website.

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