Behold, Nvidia’s 3080 GPU: 2x 2080 power, starting at $699 on Sept. 17

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced the RTX 3080 as Nvidia’s “new flagship” GPU on Tuesday morning, confirming over a month of leaked rumors and card designs. This was met with a flurry of other hardware, app, and software partnership announcements, but arguably the biggest numbers out of today’s event came in the form of performance and price.

Huang alleged that the RTX 3080 will “double” the performance of the $1,200+ RTX 2080 GPU while starting at $699, with hardware going on sale September 17. Next to that, Huang announced the RTX 3070, whose power will reportedly exceed the RTX 2080 Ti while starting at only $499.

After these, the three-slot RTX 3090 was announced without any aspirations of value, with a September 24 launch starting at a whopping $1499. This was followed by a sizzle reel of fans playing recent RTX-enabled 3D games at 8K resolution and “60 frames per second.”

“Pascal friends: It is safe to upgrade”

The announcements came with a flurry of Nvidia-handled specs, particularly those couched in Nvidia’s estimations of performance for each card, so you’ll see in the above gallery how Huang’s performance estimations might break down differently depending on the software in question. But in at least one case, the claim checks out. Though Huang claims that the RTX 3070 will exceed the 2080 Ti, one of the charts slots it as more of a “1440p, 60fps” card with RTX effects enabled top-to-bottom—but that’s quite honestly the performance you can expect from a current RTX 2080 Ti. Its 4K/60fps threshold is easier to reach with either RTX effects turned down or DLSS turned way up.

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