A Photo Series About COVID-19 Isolation in Toronto

“Before and After” is a photo series by photographer Brad Freeman that documents the isolation he has experienced in Toronto, Canada, during the COVID-19 pandemic. His brother Ryan also made the above 4.5-minute short documentary about Brad’s experience in creating the work.

When Toronto launched phase 1 of its reopening after its major lockdown, Brad went out with his Leica M3 and created 40 photos on black-and-white 35mm film.

“Being isolated during the height of the pandemic felt like a dream, it was both familiar and strange at the same time,” Brad says. “I set out to find some sort of normalcy only to realize the world as we knew it had changed. The streets were completely abandoned, a surreal version of our new reality.”

“I had a lot of anxiety during lockdown, it was a time full of uncertainty,” Brad says. “Being a creative person I was looking for some sort of outlet after being alone for 3 months. I went outside when phase 1 of reopening the city began, but everything seemed to be abandoned.

“It only made me feel more uncomfortable. This uncanny feeling of strangeness and emptiness comes through in the photos.”

You can find more of the duo’s work on Brad and Ryan‘s websites.

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