5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Landscape photographer and YouTuber Mads Peter Iversen is back with a short list of helpful tips that can help you break the mold and improve your landscape photography. These tips will be particularly helpful for beginners who feel their work is already growing stale.

Iversen covers a lot of beginner advice on his channel, but while he usually tackles specific topics like focusing tips or picking the ‘best’ camera settings for various landscape photos, for his latest tutorial, he decided to take a broader view.

In this video, he covers five simple tips that he believes will “instantly improve your landscape photography.” They are:

  1. The best light is not always orange, red, or pink – Seek out other color palettes.
  2. Stay in one location for longer – i.e. don’t just leave after golden hour!
  3. Shoot, shoot, and shoot some more – Over-capture every scene just in case, it could save your composition in post.
  4. Stereotypically “great” light isn’t everything – The light needs to serve the scene or composition you’re trying to capture.
  5. Use the seasons to your advantage – Try to capture the “mood” of every season as you shoot.

Throughout the video, Iversen provides plenty of beautiful example images to go with each tip. For example, why you don’t need to always seek out orange and pink light:

Or how the light needs to work with your composition:

Same light, same location, just doesn’t “work.”

To see many more example photos and dive into each of these tips in detail, check out the full video above. And if you’re into (or getting into) landscape photography, definitely give Mads’ YouTube channel a follow—there’s lots more great educational and inspirational content where this came from.

Image credits: All photos by Mads Peter Iversen and used with permission.

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